RYOKAN SAWANOYA – Japanese traditional style hotel

RYOKAN SAWANOYA – Japanese traditional style hotel
2019-07-23 Yohei Onishi

TOKYO RYOKAN SAWANOYA, located in Yanaka, has been serving international visitors for over 70 years.

Learn about this hotel, there is warm hospitality to all guests.


TOKYO RYOKAN SAWANOYA – A Japanese traditional style hotel


TOKYO RYOKAN SAWANOYA(澤の屋旅館) is one of Tokyo’s most famous traditional-style inns. Run by the Sawa family, this ryokan welcomes visitors from all over the world.They have the highest review rating on SNS. Their rooms use Japanese tatami. Tatami is a rush-covered straw mat forming a traditional Japanese floor covering.




If you enter the inn, you will see the reception. Isao Sawa (sawanoya’s owner) said we want to provide the traditional folksy life style still preserved. They gives you the unusual opportunity to see and interact with a real neighborhood.


70th anniversary

Sawanoya Ryokan has been able to celebrate its 70th anniversary in June this year. Sawa family give a warm, comfortable and cosy living space to always relax with peace of mind. Hospitable owners, Western-style breakfast (optional extra) and plenty of English-language information for travelers in Japan are just some of the reasons why thousands of visitors choose Ryokan Sawanoya as their base in Tokyo every year.


Well-equipped for visitors

The hotel’s interior is modern and Japanese traditional.The ground floor space – with its communal tables and free tea and coffee.

It has walls of travel books and information leaflets for destinations across Japan.


Rooms Made with Guests’ Comfort in Mind

Out of 12 guestrooms, only two have their own toilets or baths – the rest have private sinks, but shared toilet (so it’s worth booking as far in advance as possible if a private bathroom is essential). All rooms (including six doubles, two triples and four compact singles) are spotlessly clean, comfortable and a charming exercise in Japanese hospitality

There are the can of tea leaves, the teapot, and the tea cups. Japanese style.

There’s two Japanese-style baths – one cypress wood, one ceramic, both overlooking a small garden – are a highlight. This bath is wood style.


There is also a note politely stating that TVs are not in the rooms in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere – although they can be provided if necessary.

Have a Relaxing Stay at RYOKAN SAWANOYA

RYOKAN SAWANOYA is a great hotel with a long history in one of Japan’s most prominent areas. Make sure to base your stay at this Inn with its quintessentially Japanese interior, friendly employees, and Japan’s daily atmospheric Yanaka district.



2-3-11,Yanaka,Taito-Ku,Tokyo, 110-0001 Japan

Business Time

CHECK-IN TIME 3:00~11:00PM, CHECK-OUT TIME 7:00~10:00AM



Credit Cards



Japanese, English


English pamphlets available





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