Mizusawa Temple (Mizusawa Kannon)

Mizusawa Temple (Mizusawa Kannon)
2019-03-12 DAYTRIP TOKYO

Mizusawa Temple can be called Mizusawa Kannon; its Tiandai sector old Buddhist temple in Shibukawa, Gunma Prefecture. Goguryeo’s Ekan was rumored to opened this temple between 592 – 628, but it was not confirmed. Current deity is Wooden Senju Kannon Bodhisattva Statue that was built during the end of the Heian era.

The deity was originally and privately owned by the third child of Ienari Takanobe who was the local official of the area. The deity is believed to have a great spiritual power. Inside of the temple, there is the main building, Prefecture designated important cultural property Double hexagonal tower (Good luck Rokujizo), Zhongloutang and Shakado. Inside the Shakado, there are Shakasanzon statue, City designated important cultural assets Enku Buddha (Amitabha statue) and Eleven-faced Bodhisattva statue.

There are also Dragon King statue spring spiritual water fountain inside the temple, this water is believed to have lucky charm power for finance and hardworking. On the 3rd of February, they host a yearly event of Setsubun Etsuina ceremony that is for spiritual cleansing and wish for healthy year to come.

In May, there is a flower festival that visitors can enjoy sweet sake. Visitors must try Mizusawa Udon noodle. This noodle is one of the best Udon noodles in Japan: Inaniwa Udon of Akita Prefecture and Sanuki Udon of Kagawa Prefecture. This Udon has 400 year history, it was hand-made for Mizusawa Temple’s visitors using local flours and natural spring water. There are many Udon noddle specialists near the temple: Tamaruya (since 1582) and 400 year history Shimizuya.

This noodle has smooth texture and is thicker than other noodles. Everyone shall try it out! The temple opening hours are 8:00〜17:00. The entrance is free.