Maekawa Jyuni-hashi Meguri

Maekawa Jyuni-hashi Meguri
2019-03-19 Yohei Onishi

Having flourished as a center of water borne trade, Itako City has laid out horizontal and vertical waterways all over the City down the ages. As a result, the district was divided into many small islets, which accommodates only two households each and 12 narrow bridges were built between the islets so that residents can come and go. The 12 bridges became called ‘Jyuni-hashi(12 bridges)’ later.

The view of 12 small bridges, connecting islets and households over the waterways is popular sightseeing highlight here, reminding visitors of the appearance of old times. Sightseeing tours, ‘Jyuni-hashi meguri (going round the 12 bridges on a small rowboat called ‘Sappa sen’)’, are on offer.

One of seasonal recommendations is the beautiful purple iris at its best from May to June. During ‘Ayame Matsuri(Iris festival)’ in June, lucky ones may come across a beautiful bride on a‘Yome-iri Fune(a rowboat, carries a bride for the wedding)’. Some special row boats called ‘Rokogi-sen (a rowboat pulled by an oar)’ will be available during the Festival.

It may be recommended to visit in this season. Opening Hours is 9:00-16:00 Note: Sightseeing boat tours is suspended from July to May. Closed on canceled in bad weather. For a 30-minute tour, 1000 yen/Adults 500 yen/Children(Free: Children under Elementary School).