Kasama Inari Shrine

Kasama Inari Shrine
2019-03-20 Yohei Onishi

Kasama Inari Shrine has a very long history; this shrine attracts about 350’000 visitors a year. this makes Kasama Inari Shrine as the busiest shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture. Inari Shrine’s main branch is Fushimi Inari-taisha In Kyoto but this shrine has longer history than that. It was built in 661 therefore it has 1350 years history. Kasama Inari Shrine was built for the god Ukanomitama who was a deity in classical Japanese mythology; the god has the highest class and people normally would call the god “Inari”.

Kasama Inari Shrine’s main structure was built in the end of Edo time period and it was registered as important cultural property. Its detailed craftsmanship of carving must not be missed. The Kasama Chrysanthemum festival would take place during the autumn season, it would attract many visitors.

During the festival, Worshipping Yabusame and Worship dance festival would be also happening. There is a shopping district near by, where visitors can get some shopping done. The famous handmade Inari Japanese rice cracker can be bought from Nakamise – Marui. This shop uses local grown rice and natural spring water to make this signature snack. The opening time is from 6:00am to sun down. The ticket price is Free entrance.

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