Kajika Bridge

Kajika Bridge
2019-03-12 DAYTRIP TOKYO

Kajika Bridge is located in Ikaho hot spring area near the spring. There is Ikaho Shrine on the top of Ikaho hot spring’s famous stone steps; the bridge is located near the shrine. The bridge name came from the Kajika flogs that is living near the river. This flog has a similar voice as deer and visitors can hear this during early summer. From this bridge, people can enjoy various sceneries depending on season: green leaves, orange leaves and snowy trees. The best time to see the changing of leaves colour would be from the end of October to the middle of November.

Also, they use extra lighting up apparatus to give special effect at night time. Near the bridge, there is a hot spring drinking center were visitors can drink from the spring which was introduced by German doctor Erwin Bälz. He used this hot spring to teach his hot spring medical treatment. This weak acidity Hypotonic hot spring is good for treating gout, obesity and Chronic allergic diseases. Everyone can try out the spring water.

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