Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Shrine
2019-01-30 DAYTRIP TOKYO

Known as one of Japan’s three major shrines, enshrining ‘Benzaiten (goddess of music, wealth and beauty)’, what Enoshima Shrine unique about is, it consists of 3 shrines which located in different places around the Enoshima island and dedicated to three sister benzaiten goddesses respectively. The first-born daughter, Tagiri Hime is enshrined in Okutsumiya with a deity of ending bad relationship. The second-born daughter, Ichikishima Hime is enshrined in Nakatsumiya and she is said to have deity of beauty and in gaining popularity. And last but not least is the third-born daughter, Tagitsu Hime is enshrined in Hetsumiya, which is the most popular shrine in Enoshima Shrine with a deity for luck with money. It is said that if you wash your coin in the ‘zeniarai pond’, she would turn your fortune for the better that is why she is also known as ‘Zeniarai Benten’. Several things are recommended to be sure that you may visit all three shrines including Wadatsuno-miya which is dedicated to the dragon god if you would like to have mercies from goddesses, or you may not visit there with your boyfriend/girlfriend as they are jealous of you and so on. Believe it or not, it is fun to take it all in when you visit somewhere special like Enoshima Shrine.

Free Wifi Service is Not available. Odakyu Enoshima-Line Katase-enoshima Station is the closest station to the shrine

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