Day Trip to Atami

Day Trip to Atami
2019-02-18 DAYTRIP TOKYO
atami fireworks

Atami has a long history as a famous hot spring town. There are hot spring bath facilities everywhere in town. They would also offer a great variety of gourmet seafood. Due to its warm weather, they host many events year around: flower, nature, gourmet food, and arts events.

The most popular event amongst all would be Atami Seaside Fireworks Display. It started in 1952, their display would be 10 times a year and it’s not limited during summer. There are more sightseeing related things like the Atami Castle, Kinomiya Shrine, Plum & Cherry Blossom Festival and Shopping District where people can find lots of souvenir shops next each other.

The famous event is “Niagara Falls in the sky” that closes the performance are unique wonders of Atami. The beautiful scene and this historic fireworks display that first commenced in 1952, is held not only in summer but more than 10 times annually throughout the entire year, an event unique to Atami.

Spot Ranking in Atami area

5th. Itogawa River Promenade

Itogawa River Promenade

Cherry blossom in Atami would start from early January and it would last until end of February every year; this would be the earliest cherry blossom in Japan. In 1871, Italian visitors brought this cherry trees and Atami town people kept trees with great care. Along side of 300 meter Promenade near the river bank, people can enjoy this cherry blossom display that consists of 58 of Atami Cherry trees. During the festival, there are free special green tea, live music, street performer and special illumination service could be available.
Date is 2019.1.12(sat)〜2019.2.11(mon/holiday). Itogawa River Promenade Time is 10:00〜15:00
.Special illumination service is 16:30〜23:00.


From JR Atami Station: 20 min Walk or take The sightseeing circular bus service 『Yu〜Yuh〜Bus』and get off at Ginza station, then 5 min walk



4th. Atami Castle

Atami Castle was built in 1959; it was built using concrete thus it was not made during Sengoku time period. At this 7 stories castle, visitors are able to enjoy various activities: an art exhibition which includes R rated Japanese printings and artifacts, Japanese history related exhibition, Edo time period experience, and many more. The most popular thing would be the observation platform on the top of the castle where visitors would enjoy the panoramic view of Atami town, its coast and mountains. The opening time is 9〜17(last entry 16:30)*open all year around. The entrance ticket is 1000 yen for an adult. The combination ticket is 1600 yen for an adult (recommended).


From JR Atami Station: 10 min by car or take The sightseeing circular bus service 『Yu〜Yuh〜Bus』and get off at Atami Castle Front station.


Atami Castle

Atami Sun beach has a vibe of a beach resort with while sand, blue ocean, plum trees and hotels that stand next to each other. This beach is non-smoking beach. There are Japanese beach houses along side of the beach which is unique for this beach. At dawn, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunrise from this beach; at night, there is special lighting up which was the first in Japan and it creates magical atmosphere. This beach would be a great location to enjoy Atami or Ito seaside fireworks display. The opening time is the middle of July to the end of August every year. Swimming time is 9:00-17:00. Lighting up time is sundown to 22:00.


From JR Atami Station, take The sightseeing circular bus service 『Yu〜Yuh〜Bus』and get off at Sun Beach station, then 3 min walk.



2nd. Atami Station Ekimae Heiwa Shopping Street

Atami Station Ekimae Heiwa Shopping Street is located near JR Atami station. This nostalgic shopping district also offers visitors many yummy food. There are many shops that have 60-70 year history; they are small independent shops unlike shopping malls. Those unique small shops offer people an authentic Japanese shopping experience. There are restaurants, cafes, sushi places, dried food specialists and typical souvenir shops. Often visitors would walk around this area munching Onsen Manjyu (red bean sweet cake). This street would be the perfect shopping place for their beginning or ending of journey.


From the train station, visitors need to walk to the right for 1 min.


Atami Station Ekimae Heiwa Shopping Street

Kinomiya Shrine is well known for the god of bring lucks and good omen. Their sacred tree is designated as Country of natural monument; this large and more than 2000 year old Phoebe Zhennan tree has the height of 24 meters. People believe this tree has a special power; visitors often walk around this tree because they believe that it would expend their life expectancy. This attracts many people who would like to pray for their health. Also, some believe that if people walk around this tree once without telling a wish to anyone, the wish would become true. The shrine would be lighted up at night, changing its atmosphere from the morning and the afternoon. There is Kogashi Festival from 14th to 16th of July. The opening time is 9〜17(the last entry16:30). The entrance is free.


From JR Atami Station, take JR Ito Line to Kinomiya station (one stop) then 5 min walk.



2. Getting to Atami station from Tokyo Station


The fastest way would be Shinkansen. From Tokyo Main station, take Tokaido Shinkansen Hikari or Kodama, Destanation : Shin-Osaka. Then get off at Atami station. (※there are 4 serivces of Hikari that stop at Atami station) . Duration is about 45min. Cost is 3,670 yen. Tokyo Main station /Platform 14~19、Shinagawa sation / platform 23,24.


Acty:Take normal serive or Rapid serive, Destation: Atami. People can ride both serives with the same price ticket; the duration of the rapid train would be 20 min faster than normal train. But this is normal train where people would sit facing inside the carriage; those who want to feel the train journey, they shall use the Green Carriage (1 st class). However, seats are not reservable, so people need to line up beforehand to get their seats.

■The Odoriko
The Odoriko is a limited express train which runs between Tokyo and Izukyū-Shimoda or Shuzenji; but they stop Atami. Apart from the Odoriko service, there are the Super View Odoriko and the Marine Express Odoriko services.
After Tokyo main station, it stops at Shinagawa station. It has 1-2 train services between 8:00 to 13:00. Occupationally, it may start its service from Abiko station and it stops at KitaSenju and Ueno stations.

■The Super View Odoriko
They have different time table for weekdays and weekends. There are two train services from Tokyo main station; there is one train serivce from Shinjuku station. Occupationally, there is a service from Omiya, it stops Akabane, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Musashikosugi stations.

■The Marine Express Odoriko
Occupational limited express train service. The service starts at Tokyo Main station but it does not stop at Shinagawa. Duration is about 80min. Cost is 3,280 yen / The Super View Odoriko 3,980 yen. Platform is 9, 10.

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