Day Trip to Narita, Sahara and Sakura

Day Trip to Narita, Sahara and Sakura
2019-02-19 Yohei Onishi

Chiba – Boso Peninsula area serves as the entrance point of Japan due to Narita International airport. This area developed as a city near Edo (old name for nowadays Tokyo) with natural surrounding since Edo time period.

We recommended gourmet food would be sweet pancakes at Kintoki no Amataro which started its business in 1961. This famous Japanese sweet shop Kintoki no Amataro is located on the holy path of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. People are able to chose from two flavors: sweet red or while bean paste. This is traditional Japanese sweet; please try them out.


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1. Spot Ranking

5th. Ino Tadataka Museum

Inoh Tadataka (1745-1818), was lived in Sawara for about 30 years and became to be a land surveyor. After he had reached 50 years old, he commenced his operation to draw Dainihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu,” the first map of Japan by modern surveying techniques. He walked around most part of Japan for surveying real figure of Japan. Amazingly, the shape of Japan on his map has little difference from the one drawn by satellites and other latest equipment in 21th century.

“Ino Tadataka Museum shows his great achievement including surveying instruments which he used , “Inoh Zu” (or Inoh Map) and more.That was selected by a national treasure in 2010.


By train, it takes 10 minutes’ walk from JR Sawara Station (Narita Line). By car or bus, it takes 15 minutes from the Sawara-Katori exit of the Higashi Kanto Expressway.

*Buses are supposed to park in the motor coach parking space or in the parking space of the Suigo-Sawara Floats Hall.

*For more information on the traffic control during festivals, please check here.


4th. Katori Jingu Shrine

Katori Jingu Shrine is located in Katori, Chiba Prefecture. This shrine is one of the shrines that are on the prestigious shrine list; also one of the three shrines that were allowed to have ”Jingu” in 19th century. They also have 200 treasures that are designated as Cultural Properties or National Treasures.

The National Treasure KaijyuBudouKyo is a circular mirror made of white copper and it has a design of grapes. This is the only crafted item that is designated as a National Treasure in Chiba prefecture. The opening time is all year around and entrance is free.


From Narita Station, take JR Kashima Line towards Kashima Shrine and get off at Sawara Station. From the station, take Sawara circular bus to Katori Jingu.


3rd. Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple is the one of the famous temples in Japan; it has more than 1000 years history and attracts about 10’000’000 visitors a year nowadays. It was built in 940, their huge site includes temple buildings as well as a park that offers natural habitat. Their three-storied pagoda is well known for its colour and designated as an important cultural property. The opening time is all year around and entrance is free.


From Narita Station, about 10 min walk.


2nd. Koedo Sawara Sighseeing Boat

Koedo Sawara Sighseeing Boat is 30 min boat ride to enjoy the view of Sawara town from the boat. This preserved Edo time period area kept old town constructions and atmosphere including samurai houses. This historical area is designated as a Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. 300 years history Sawara Festival is taking place in July and October; there would be lots of visitors who want to join in the festival.

The opening time is 10:00~16:00. The business hour may be vary depending on season. The price is 1300 yen for an adult/700 yen for a child age 12 and under.


From Narita Station, take JR Narita Line towards Choshi/ Sawara, get off at Sawara. The jetty would be about 10 min walk.


1st. Naritasan Omote Sando

Naritasan Omote Sando is a holy path leading to Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple. This 800 meters long path would have 1000 years history. The area near the path was developed during Edo time period and it is keeping its atmosphere and buildings. There are about 150 shops along both sides of the path, offering food and souvenirs. Their typical souvenirs are Japanese sweets using red bean paste such as Yōkan. Many Japanese sweet shops would be on the path. The opening time is depending on each shop.


10 min walk from Narita Station.


2. Getting to Narita, Sahara and Sakura (Narita station) from Tokyo

From Tokyo station, take Sobu Line (rapid) towards Narita Airport and get off at Narita station. The duration is 1 hour 20 min . The price is 1,140 yen


3. Chiba – Boso Peninsula area List

Mt. Nokogiriyama, Kisarazu and Futtsu


Kamogawa, Katsuura and Onjuku


Yoro Keikoku – Otaki


Tateyama, Shirahama and Chikura


Choshi – Kujukuri


Narita, Sahara and Sakura


Chiba City, Funabashi and Matsudo