Day Trip to Chiba – Boso Peninsula

Day Trip to Chiba – Boso Peninsula
2019-02-19 Yohei Onishi

Boso Peninsula has a mild and calm weather all year around thus it’s a nice place to spend time. Since this area offers many sightseeing spots such as parks and Kamogawa SEA WORLD, it attracts many day-out visitors from Tokyo.
Especially, the southern part of Boso Peninsula is very popular. There are many flower displays around this area thus just driving through the area would offer an opportunity to enjoy them. There would also be many flower related events including cherry blossom events. It is recommended to try out seafood for meals; it is also recommended to try out their peanuts products especially Peanuts Monaka. It is a Japanese sweet made of peanuts paste filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from sticky rice.


1. Spot Ranking
2. Getting in
3. Other Area List


1. Spot Ranking

10th. Chiba Zoological Park

Chiba Zoological Park is a park where animals are kept to similar to its natural habitat, visitors are able to learn about them while they are having fun. This park is also known for the very famous Red panda Futa; he stood on his two feet. There is a children’s zoo where visitors can pet goats and sheep; moreover, Guinea pigs are there to be picked up. The popular menu at their restaurant The Forest Restaurant, would be the pancake with Futa’s logo.

The opening time is 9:30~16:30. And closed on Wednesday’s and 12.29〜1.1. The price is 700 yen for an adult /child under 15 is free.


From Tokyo station, take JR Sōbu Line Rapid service towards Chiba, and get off at Chiba station and transfer to Chiba Urban Monorail and get off at Dōbutsukōen Station. It’s about 1 min walk from the station.


9th. Byobugaura Beach

Byobugaura Beach is 40 – 50 meters high cliff beach; it’s about 10 km long. It reminds visitors the Dover Strait between UK and France thus it’s called Asian Dover Strait. Its popular visiting time would be sunset; it creates a magical scenery that the cliff and water surface would be lit by the sun.
The top of the Byobugaura Beach is privately owned; visitors must enjoy the beach the observation path from Choshi Marina.


From JR Choshi Station, take Choshi Dentetsu Co,ltd service to Ashikajima Station. It is about 15 min walk from the station.


8th. Tateyama Family Park

Tateyama Family Park

Tateyama, Shirahama and Chikura area

Tateyama Family Park is known as its flower display. From the beginning of December to the beginning of May, their 7500 Square meters area would be full with 1’000’000 poppies. Moreover, they also grow tropical fruits. There are a miniature golf, a fishing and craft workshop area thus visitors can have a full day out experince at this park.

The opening time is 9:00~16:00 Time may vary. Closed on Thursdays. The Price is 550 yen for an adult/350 yen for a child over 4.


From Tateyama Station, take JR bus Flower Service to Shirahama and get off at Family Park.


7th. Country Farm Tokyo German Village

Country Farm Tokyo German Village has a huge area. The area is divided into three areas: an attraction area, a zoo area and a flower spot area. This park attracts visitors all year around. Visitors are able to enjoy craftwork, PYO experiences such as grapes which are typical Japanese PYO crops.

Here is also known for its winter night illumination service from January to April. During April, visitors are also able to enjoy cherry blossom. This is one of the biggest cherry blossom display in Kanto region and many people would come here to enjoy it. The opening time is 9:30~21:00 (2019/1/3~2019/4/7)(the last entrance 20:30)9:30~17:00 (the last entrance 16:00).They open all year around. The whole area is very big thus its recommended to use own car or their circular bus service to move inside the village.

During the illumination period, visitors would only need to pay for parking fee: 2500 yen per car.
Visitors without car need to pay 500 yen par person. The circular bus service would cost 300 yen per person, per ride. Please check more information about entrance fee from April at their website.


From JR Chiba station, take highway express bus “Kapina (Chiba – Kamogawa line)” and get off at the Country Farm Tokyo German Village bus stop. And another route is, take local bus go to Country Farm Tokyo German Village from Sodegaura Station and get off at the Country Farm Tokyo German Village bus stop.


6th. Koedo Sawara Sightseeing Boat

Koedo Sawara Sighseeing Boat offers 30 min enjoyable time to watch a nostalgic Edo time period preserved area from a boat. This area kept important samurai houses and merchant shops from Edo time period. 300 years history Sawaharanotaisai (festival) would take place in July and October. Many people would come for the festival.

The opening time is 10:00~16:00. Time may vary depending on season. The price is 1,300 yen for an adult /700 yen for a child under 12.


From Narita Station, take JR Narita Line towards Choshi/Sawahara and get off at Sawahara station, the jetty would be about 10 min walk away.


5th. Yoro Valley

Yoro Valle is a 100 meters long and 30 meters drop stairs-like waterfall in Boso Peninsula. This biggest waterfall in Boso Peninsula, has a path to go down to the bottom of the waterfall. There is also a café where people can enjoy the great view.

From the end of November to the middle of December, visitors can enjoy the change of leaves’ colour from the path. Moreover, they use special illumination during night time which creates an extra magical scenery. It’s hugely recommended to visit here during the time.

The café opening time is 10:30~16:30 but it’s advised to visit early due to an opssibility of early closer.


From Otaki Station, take Isumi Line to Kazusa-Nakano Station, transfer to Tansho bus service towards Awamata, get off at Awamata/Goriyakunoyu. It is about 5 min walk from the bus stop.


4th. Jigoku Nozoki

Jigoku Nozoki is a sightseeing spot at Nihon Temple in Mount Nokogiri. It’s a thrilling place to see the ground from 100 meters high rock mine. To the top of Mount Nokogiri, there is a ropeway service; however, to enjoy this thrill, visitors needs to walk hiking path to get there.

Nihon Temple was opened in 1300 years ago, one of the oldest temples in Japan. One of the biggest Buddha statues in Japan is on display at this temple. Jigoku Nozoki’s strange rock and its height could be seen from this temple’s observation platform or Mount Nokogiri’s observation platform. The opening time is 8:00 ~ 17:00. Be aware that the path would be dark from 17:00(winter time 16:30), visitors are advised to visit as early as they can.

The Price is 600 yen for an adult /400 yen for a child (4-12 yeas old). The ropeway service opening tim is 9:00~17:00, 9:00~16:00(11.16~2.15. The ticket for the ropeway service, Single: adult(over 12 years)500 yen /child(6~11 years old)250 yen. Return: adult 930 yen /child 450 yen


From Kisarazu Station, take JR Uchibō Line to Hamakanaya Station, then take the ropeway service. If you visit via the hiking path, you can go from Kisarazu Station,and take JR Uchibō Line to Hota Station, then use the path.


3rd. Naritasan Omote Sando

Naritasan Omote Sando is a 800 meters holy pathway leading to Naritasan temple; it is registered as Japan Heritage. From Edo time period, the area around the path was developed as the front area of the famous temple. Currently, there are about 150 shops on the both sides of the path. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple was open in 940; it is still considered as the temple which represents Japan. During new year holiday season, about 3’000’000 people would come here to pray for the new year.


From Narita station, it is about 10 min walk to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.


2nd. Nomizo Falls

Nomizo Falls is known as a photogenic spot that the sun light would shine thorough cave and it creates a heart-shaped reflection. This artificial cave was made during Edo time period as a part of water stream to rice fields. It is called Kameiwa Cave; the hear-shaped reflection could be seen during early morning from March to September.


From Kisarazu Station, take JR Kururi Line to Kazusa-Kameyama Station. At the station, Kimitsu-shi Demand Taxi is offering 500 yen per person ride to the fall. The ride would be 15 min.


1st. Kamogawa Sea World

Kamogawa Sea World

Kamogawa, Katsuura and Onjuku area

Kamogawa Sea World is an aquarium that displays more than 10’000 species; their killer whales and beluga whales show is very popular. Moreover, visitors are able to take pictures with a beluga whale, this surely make a special memory. If the timing is right, visitors may be able to witness matching of pelicans and penguins.

Killer whales and beluga whales show is on 2-3 times a day; the front row seats are known as soaking seats. Moreover, there is a comedy show by sea lions. Their recommended snack is Ikumimama’s animal doughnut. This doughnut is so cute and a very popular item.

The opening time is 9:00 〜16:00. Visitors need to check their opening day before their visit on their website. The price is 2800 yen for an adult/1400 yen for a child.


From Awa-Kamogawa Station, there is free shuttle bus service. The duration would be 10 min.



2. Getting in


By Train

①Choshi station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Express Shiosai No3 towards Choshi. Duration is 2 hours. The price is 4,130 yen.

②Awa-Kamogawa Station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Express Wakashio No 5 towards Awa-Kamogawa Station. Duration is 2 hours
The price is 4,130 yen.

③Kisarazu Station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Sobu Line (rapid) towards Kimitsu station and get off at Kisarazu Station.
Duration is 1 hour 30 min . The price is 1,320 yen.

④Narita station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Sobu Line (rapid) towards Narita Airport and get off at Narita station. The duration is 1 hour 20 min . The price is 1,140 yen

⑤Tateyama Station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Sobu Line (rapid) towards Kimitsu station and get off at Kimitsu station, transfer to Uchibō Line local service to Tateyama Station. The duration is 2 hours 40 min. The price is 2,268 yen

⑥Otaki Station (Yōrō Keikoku area) from Tokyo station
From Tokyo station, take Express Wakashio No 5 towardsIchikawashiohama Station and get off at Ōhara Station, transfer to Isumi Line towards Kazusa-Nakano and get off at Otaki Station. The duration is 2hours 20min . The price is 3,640 yen.

⑦Chiba Station from Tokyo station
From Tokyo Main station, take JR Sōbu Line (Rapid service) towards Chiba, get off at Chiba station. The duration is 45 minutes. The price is 647 yen.


By Bus

From Tokyo station, take limousine bus Narita Airport Line. The duration is 1 hour. The price is 1000 yen.


3. Chiba – Boso Peninsula area List

Mt. Nokogiriyama, Kisarazu and Futtsu


Kamogawa, Katsuura and Onjuku


Yoro Keikoku – Otaki


Tateyama, Shirahama and Chikura


Choshi – Kujukuri


Narita, Sahara and Sakura


Chiba City, Funabashi and Matsudo